The COMESA Competition Commission (‘the Commission’) wishes to inform the general public that the COMESA Consumer Protection Committee (the Committee) was officially established through a virtual meeting held on 15th April 2021.  The virtual Committee meeting was attended by representatives of national consumer authorities and consumer associations  from nine COMESA Member States. In this meeting, the Committee considered and approved its Operational Framework which provides that the Committee will be led by a Bureau comprised of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and the Rapporteur elected from the Members of the Committee. Consequently, the Committee elected that the first members of the Bureau shall be the following:

  • Chairperson- Mr. Sam Watasa who is the Executive Director of Uganda Consumers’ Protection Association,
  • Vice Chairperson: Mrs Kamla.D Jhummun who is from Consumer Affairs Unit of Mauritius; and
  • Rapporteur: Mr. Emmanuel Mugabe who is from of Rwanda Inspectorate of Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (RICA)


The purpose of the Committee is to enhance cooperation among COMESA Member States and the Commission as a regional consultative forum in the Common Market devoted exclusively to consumer protection matters.  Among others, the Committee is expected to:

  • Assist the Commission in implementing and enforcing the COMESA Competition Regulations in the territories of the Member States;
  • Be a project-oriented, consensus-based, informal network of consumer protection authorities and organisations that addresses consumer protection law enforcement and policy issues of common interest and formulates proposals to achieve procedural and substantive convergence in the protection of consumer rights at regional level; and
  • Facilitate sharing and dissemination of experiences and best practices in the field of consumer protection, promote advocacy on consumer protection, and seek to facilitate cooperation among COMESA Member States.


The membership of the Committee is open to regional authorities or national competent authorities of COMESA Member States with the mandate to enforce consumer protection laws, consumer associations and private sector organisations.  The Committee will from time to time hold meetings to discuss matters of mutual interest among the Members including the projects led by the different working groups that will be formed by the Committee. The Commission will be the Secretariat and oversee administrative matters of the Committee.  The second meeting of the Committee is scheduled to be held on 1st June 2021.

 Meti Demissie Disasa


Click here to download the Press Release on the Establishment of COMESA Consumer Protection Committee

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