1. Background

The COMESA Competition Commission (“the Commission”) is a regional body corporate established under Article 6 of the COMESA Competition Regulations (“the Regulations”) promulgated under Article 55 of the COMESA Treaty. The Commission is responsible for promoting competition and enhancing the welfare of consumers in the Common Market. The main functions of the Commission are to monitor markets and investigate anti-competitive business practices, control mergers and other forms of acquisitions in the Common Market and mediate disputes between the Member States concerning anti-competitive conduct. The Commission commenced its operations on 14th January, 2013 and is located in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The Commission advertised for the following Professional positions and received applications as in the table below:





1 Manager – Consumer Welfare and Advocacy 1 P4 58,731 13
2 Senior Human Resources and Administration Officer


1 P3 48,575 30
3 Accountant 1 P3 48,575 21
4 Internal Auditor


1 P3 48,575 22
5 Merger Analysts


2 P2 39,743 25
6 Competition Analysts 2 P2 39,743 22
7 Legal Officers 2 P2 39,743 23
8 Consumer Welfare and Advocacy Officers 2 P2 39,743 16
9 IT and Documentation Officer 1 P2 39,743 25

The Commission now wishes to contract a Consulting firm of an international repute to facilitate the recruitment process for the above posts, based on the terms of reference given in the call for applications.


  1. Specific Terms of Reference

 The Consulting Firm shall perform as per the following Specific Terms of Reference:

i. Review all the applications received;

ii. Prepare a Summary of Applications in the format provided to be by the Commission;

iii. Evaluate each candidate’s application as per the desired profile in the job advert/call for applications highlighting but not limited to the following:

a) Qualifications

b) Relevant experience

c)Years of experience

d) Understanding of Job description

e) Computer literacy- eligible candidates should be computer literate

f) Age

iv. Score each candidate and rank all applications as per the Commission’s scoresheet to be provided;

v. Short list a maximum of five (5) candidates for each post;

vi. Ensure that only one (1) candidate from any one (1) country is shortlisted for any given post. In cases where two (2) or more candidates from one country are found to be qualified for the post, the best candidate among the candidates should be short listed;

vii. Prepare a short-listing report and make recommendations with comprehensive justifications and rankings for all candidates (shortlisted or not shortlisted);

viii. Submit the final short-listing report within two (2) weeks after signing the contract;

ix. Undertake psychometric tests for all the shortlisted candidates;

x. Prepare both oral and written interview questions;

xi. Act as Secretary to the interview panel and prepare the interview report; and

xii. Present the interview report and recommendations to the Board of Commissioners of the COMESA Competition Commission.


  1. Deliverables

 By the end of the assignment, the Consultant/Firm is expected to have delivered the following:

  • A final Shortlisting Report, containing a shortlist of not more than five (5) highly qualified candidates for each post who will be invited for interviews.
  • A final Interview Report, containing the recommendations of the Interview panel for suitable candidates for each post.


  1. Accountability and Responsibilities

 i. The COMESA Competition Commission

 The Secretariat will provide the following documents to the successful firm:

         (a)        All the 197 Applications received

(b)       The Staff Rules

(c)        The recruitment procedure manual

(d)       Call for applications/adverts for all the nine positions

(e)        Score sheet template

             ii. The Consultant

The Consulting firm shall first submit a draft shortlisting report to the Commission within one week of signing the contract. This report shall contain an analysis of the applications and details as stated at article 2 above, which should also include remarks as to why each applicant is short listed or not short listed for the post applied for.  The Commission shall revert back to the Consultant with comments within three days of receiving the report.


  1. Eligibility of Consultants

 This consultancy is open to reputable international Consultancy firms which have sufficient experience in recruitment and selection to undertake this assignment.  Proof of having undertaken similar assignments is critical.


  1. Commencement and Completion of Work

The assignment is expected to commence by 15th May 2020.  Details of completion of work and work schedule including reporting will be discussed further and agreed upon after signing of the contract.


  1. Criteria for Evaluation of Consultants

Bidders must provide both Technical and Financial proposals. The evaluation shall be based on the following attributes:

  • The overall responsiveness and quality of the proposal in clearly stating an understanding of the work to be performed;
  • Technical ability of the proposer to perform the required services;
  • The experience and reputation of the proposer as represented in the response and the quality of the references;
  • Cost of services. Fees and expenses will be a particularly important factor when all other evaluation criteria are relatively equal.

The Technical proposal will be assigned a weight of 80% and the financial proposal will be weighted at 20%.


Evaluation attribute

   Percentage Points
1 Firms Understanding of Client’s requirements                                                        20
2 Approach and methodology                                                        15
3 Specific Experience of the firm in carrying out similar assignments. Evidence in form of reference letters, offer letters, orders or copies of contracts should be presented  40
4 Qualifications and Experience of proposed team

Team Leader                                15marks

Support Expert (1No.)                   10marks

Total 100

The proposed team should consist of minimum three experts, that is: The Team leader, Human Resources Expert and a support expert. The Team Leader should be at the level of a partner with a minimum of 10 years’ experience. The Human resources Expert should have at least a master’s degree in Human Resources Management, Organizational Development, Industrial Psychology or a related social science field with a minimum of seven years working experience.

The Support Expert should have at least a bachelor’s degree in either Human Resources Management, Commerce, Business Administration or a related social science field. A Master’s degree or a relevant professional certification will be an added advantage.

The proposals must be submitted with a cover letter containing a confirmation that you have understood the Terms of Reference for the assignment.


  1. Submission of Applications

The bidder shall submit the proposal in one external envelope containing inside two sealed envelopes by the closing date set forth in point no. 9 through courier services or hand delivery to:





P.O BOX 30742


Tel: +265 (0)1 772 466


 The outer envelope should be clearly marked in the top right-hand corner “CCC/RFP/3/3/2020 – CONSULTANCY SERVICE FOR SHORT LISTING AND INTERVIEWS OF NINE PROFFESIONAL POSITIONS” DO NOT OPEN BEFORE   24th April 2020 at 15.00 HRS Lilongwe time.

NOTE: If the envelopes are not sealed and marked as per the instructions in this clause, the Commission will not assume responsibility for the proposal’s misplacement or premature opening and may – at its discretion – reject the proposal.

This first internal sealed envelope, which will be clearly marked “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” must contain two (2) hard copies of the technical proposal with one marked ‘original’ and the other marked ‘copy’. The second internal envelope, which will be clearly marked “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL”, should contain the original and copy of the financial proposal. The envelope containing the financial proposal will ONLY be opened if the technical offer attains the pass score of seventy per cent (70%).

In the event of any discrepancy between the original and the copy, the original shall govern. 



Tenders must be submitted to the COMESA Competition Commission on or before 24th April 2020 at 15:00 hours LILONGWE TIME. 



The Commission reserves the right to wholly or partially reject or award these contracts to any bidder and has no obligation to award this tender to the lowest bidder.


  1. Pricing

All prices MUST be indicated in USD.

There will be no price variation after signing of contract except upon a mutual written agreement between the two parties;

The price quoted shall be considered to be for all the services required by the Commission as contained in this Request for Proposal.

Prices must be exclusive of all taxes within Malawi.

Prices must be valid for 90 days from the date of close of tender.


12.  Payment:

Bidders are advised to indicate their payment terms and conditions.


  1. Technical Queries

Technical queries related to this tender should be submitted in writing to with a copy to


  1. Financial Proposal – Standard Bidding Form

 Bidders are advised to use the standard tender Form below as sample format and modify it to cover all relevant costs or charges.

There will be no price variation tender.

Bidders are also advised to disclose any other relevant information on a separate sheet of paper.


Click here to download the Request for Technical and Financial Proposal.








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