Merger Cases and Compliance

Merger Notifications July-December 2022

Name of Merging PartiesCase File No.Statement of MergerDecisionDate of Decision
Solevo Holding B.V. and Development Partners International LLPMER/11/49/2022SOM/46/2022
MHL International Holdings Ltd by Phatisa Fund Managers 2 LimitedMER/11/48/2022SOM/45/2022Decision/42/202219 December 2022
Louis Dreyfus Company Melbourne Holdings PTY LTD and Emerald Grain PTY LTDMER/11/47/2022SOM/44/2022Decision/45/202219 December 2022
AkzoNobel N.V, Kansai Plascon East Africa Proprietary Limited and Kansai Plascon Africa LimitedMER/09/45/2022SOM/43/2022

Notice of Request for Referral–CTC; and Notice of Request for Referral – CAK.

Notice of Request for Referral-CCPC
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company PJSC, Abu Dhabi Development Holding Company PJSC, Reliance Industry Limited and Shaheen Chem Holdings Investments LLCMER/8/39/2022SOM/42/2022Decision/44/202219 December 2022
Barak Asset Recovery Limited and Seruji LimitedMER/8/35/2022SOM/41/2022Decision/35/202218 November 2022
OEP Capital Advisors, L.P, USA and Xtech Invest SAS, FranceMER/8/43/2022SOM/40/2022Decision/39/202228 November 2022
Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company – P.J.S.C. and Abu Dhabi National Energy Company – P.J.S.C.MER/08/36/2022SOM/39/2022Decision/43/202219 December 2022
Tucano Bidco B.V. and TMF Sapphire Topco B.V.MER/07/34/2022SOM/34/2022Decision/36/202218 November 2022
SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company and ETG Inputs Holdco LimitedMER/8/38/2022SOM/32/2022

Notice Of Extension
KCB Group Plc and Trust Merchant Bank S.A.MER/08/41/2022SOM/33/2022Decision/37/202218 November 2022
BC Partners Management XI Limited, Bain Capital Investors L.L.C., and Fedrigoni S.p.A. MER/8/42/2022SOM/35/2022Decision/40/202228 November 2022
Access Bank Plc and Sidian Bank LimitedMER/08/40/2022SOM/36/2022Decision/30/202227 September 2022
Sanlam Limited and Allianz SEMER/8/37/2022SOM/38/2022

Notice of Extension
Sagard SAS, Bpifrance Investissement, and ADIT GroupMER/7/31/2022SOM/37/2022Decision/38/202218 November 2022
SMBC Aviation Capital Limited; Goshawk Management Limited MER/06/29/2022SOM/28/2022Decision/33/202227 September 2022
Olam Agri Holdings Pte. Limited and SALIC International Investment CompanyMER/06/28/08/2022SOM/29/2022Decision/31/202227 September 2022
SAS Shipping Agencies Services Sàrl and Bolloré Africa Logistics SASMER/07/32/2022SOM/30/2022Decision/46/202219 December 2022
AG Synergy Holdings 1 RSC Ltd and Abu Auf Holding Netherlands B.V.MER/07/33/2022SOM/31/2022Decision/33/202218 November 2022
Mambo Retail LTD, Naivas InternationalMER/06/30/2022SOM/27/2022Decision/32/202227 September 2022
Heineken N.V., Namibia Breweries Limited, Distell Group Holdings Limited,MER/04/27/2022SOM/26/2022

Notice of Extension of Assessment Period

Notice of Extension

Merger Notifications January-June 2022

Name of Merging PartiesCase File No.Statement of MergerDecisionDate of Decision
Allianz SE, Aetna’s international private medical insurance businessMER/4/25/2022SOM/25/2022Decision/27/20222-Aug-2022
Pharma-Q Holdings Proprietary Limited / Imperial Logistics Limited and Ascendis Pharma Proprietary LimitedMER/04/24/2022SOM/24/2022Decision/28/20222-Aug-2022
Sanlam Emerging Markets Proprietary Limited and aYo Holdings LimitedMER/3/22/2022SOM/23/2022Decision/29/2022
Summary of Conditions
CEVA Logistics Headoffice B.V., and Trans East Africa AGMER/3/21/2022SOM/22/2022Decision/23/20222-Aug-2022
Viterra USA Investment, LLC and Gavilon Agriculture Investment, IncMER/02/18/2022SOM/21/2022
Notice of extension
CDC Group Plc, Klinchenberg B.V.MER/02/10/2022SOM/20/2022Decision/24/20222-Aug-2022
Coca-Cola Sabco (East Africa) Limited and Castel Malawi LimitedMER/01/02/2022SOM/19/2022

Notice of extension
CDC Group Plc, Norfund and AgDevCo LimitedMER/03/19/2022SOM/18/2022Decision/25/20222-Aug-2022
B.G.I Ethiopia Private Limited and Meta Abo Brewery Share CompanyMER/02/17/2022SOM/17/2022
Notice of extension
Hitachi Rail Ltd and Thales' Ground Transportation Systems BusinessMER/02/15/2022SOM/16/2022Decision/18/202231-May-22
Diani Beach Hospitality Limited and Ascent DBH LtdMER/03/20/2022SOM/15/2022Decision/17/202231-May-22
CFAO Agri Limited and Fipar Agro International S.A.SMER/13/04/2022SOM/14/2022Case Closed
SAS Shipping Agencies Services Sàrl, Kenya Ports Authority and Kenya National Shipping Lines LimitedMER/02/12/2022SOM/13/2022Decision/8/202210-May-22
LSF XI Magpie Bidco SRL and Manuchar NVMER/2/14/2022SOM/12/2022Decision/16/202231-May-22
Puccini Bidco B.V. and Ekaterra B.V.MER/2/9/2022SOM/11/2022Decision/15/202231-May-22
Grit Real Estate Income Group Limited and Stellar Warehousing and Logistics LimitedMER/02/11/2022SOM/10/2022Decision/14/202231-May-22
Proposed involving Metier Private Equity International and Catalyst Fund I L.L.C. and Catalyst Fund II LPMER/1/8/2022SOM/09/2022Decision/13/202231-May-22
Vitol Holding, VIP II Blue B.V. and Vivo Energy PlcMER/1/6/2022SOM/08/2022Decision/10/202231-May-22
Timber Servicios Empresariales S.A. and LSFX Flavum Topco, S.L.MER/1/5/2022SOM/07/2022Decision/11/202231-May-22
General Atlantic L.P and Greenlight Planet IncorporatedMER/1/1/2022SOM/06/2022Decision/12/202231-May-22
Access Bank Zambia Limited and African Banking Corporation Zambia Limited T/A Atlas MaraMER/12/34/2021SOM/05/2022
Notice of extension
Hammurabi B.V. and GlobalCorp for Financial Services S.A.E.MER/1/3/2022SOM/04/2022Decision/09/202231-May-22
Investment Fund for Developing Countries and aBi Finance Holdings LimitedMER/12/32/2021SOM/03/2022Decision/7/20223-May-22
Proposed Merger involving DAWAA’A Restricted Ltd and Pharma Strategy Partners GmbHMER/12/31/2021SOM/02/2022Decision/6/20223-May-22
Grit Real Estate Income Group Limited, and Gateway Real Estate Africa LimitedMER/12/30/2021SOM/01/2022Decision/5/20223-May-22

Compliance of the Merger’s Decision 2021

Merging PartiesCase File No.DecisionDate of Decision

Merger Notifications July 2021 - Dec 2021

Merging PartiesCase File No.Statement of MergerDecisionDate of Decision
Proposed Acquisition of certain shares and assets of Suez S.A. and its affiliates by Sonate BidcoMER/09/29/2021SOM/32/2021Decision/9/20223-May-2022
Proposed Acquisition of the Remaining Shares in Liberty Holdings Limited by Standard Bank Group LimitedMER/09/26/2021 SOM/31/2021Decision/04/202220-Feb-2022
Proposed Merger involving Mkutano Limited and Elgon Road Developments LimitedMER/09/28/2021 SOM/30/2021 Decision/03/202220-Feb-2022
Proposed Merger involving DP World Logistics FZE and Imperial Logistics LimitedMER/09/27/2021 SOM/29/2021Decision/01/202220-Feb-2022
Proposed Establishment of Full Function Greenfield Joint Ventures in Kenya and Uganda by Nutreco International B.V. and each of Unga Farm Care E.A Limited and Unga Millers (Uganda) LimitedMER/09/24/2021SOM/28/2021Decision/29/20216-Dec-2021
Joint Venture involving VodaFamily Ethiopia Holding Company Limited, Sumitomo Corporation, and CDC Group PlcMER/09/25/2021SOM/27/2021Decision/30/20216-Dec-2021
Proposed Merger Involving Ukarimu Limited and Fairview Hotel LimitedMER/08/22/2021SOM/26/2021Decision/31/20216-Dec-2021
Proposed Acquisition by Imperial Logistics Limited of all issued shares of Deep Catch Holdings Namibia Proprietary LimitedMER/07/22/2021SOM/25/2021Decision/32/20215-Dec-2021
Proposed Merger Involving Tana Furniture Limited and Furniture Palace International LimitedMER/07/20/2021SOM/24/2021

Notice of Extension of Assessment Period
Proposed Acquisition by Imperial Logistics Limited through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Imperial Capital Limited, of all issued shares of Lift Logistics HoldcoMER/07/21/2021SOM/23/2021Decision/28/20216-Dec-2021
Proposed Acquisition of sole control by Taylor Smith Investment Limited over Lafarge (Mauritius) Cement Ltd, Pre-Mixed Concrete Limited, Holcim Madagascar SA, Holcim Madagascar Immobillier (HMI) (SARL), Lafarge Cement Company (Seychelles) Limited and Lafarge Comores SA MER/07/19/2021SOM/22/2021Decision/26/20215-Nov-2021
Proposed Acquisition by Trafigura Group Pte Ltd of control over Puma Energy Holdings Pte LtdMER/05/15/2021SOM/21/2021
Trafigura extension
Proposed Acquisition of indirect sole control by EQT Fund Management S.à r.l. of Cerba Healthcare SASMER/05/16/2021SOM/20/2021Decision/22/20213-Sept-2021
Proposed Merger Involving HFP Investments Limited and Ascendant Learning LimitedMER/06/18/2021SOM/19/2021Decision/25/20215-Nov-2021
Proposed Merger Involving Danish Sustainable Development Goals Investment Fund K/S and Global Tea and Commodities LtdMER/05/17/2021SOM/18/2021Decision/21/20213-Sept-2021
Proposed acquistion by Helios Towers Ltd of Shares of Madaguscar Tower S.A and Malawi Towers LimitedMER/05/14/2021SOM/17/2021Decision/20.2/2021(Fines for Non Compliance of Article 24 (1))

Proposed acquisition of Curechem Zambia Limited and Curechem Overseas (Private) Limited by ETG Inputs Zambia Ltd and ETG Inputs Zimbabwe (Private) Ltd,MER/12/33/2021SOM//33/2021Decision/8/20223-May-2022
Merger involving Grit Real Estate Income Group Limited, and Gateway Real Estate Africa LimitedMER/12/30/2021SOM/1/2022
Merger involving the Investment Fund for Developing Countries, aBi Finance Holdings Limited, and aBi 2020 Limited

Merger Notifications Jan 2021 - June 2021

Merging PartiesCase File No.Statement of MergerDecisionDate of Decision
Arab Bank Corporation(B.S.C) and Bloom Bank Egypt S.A.EMER/02/03/2021SOM/16/2021Decision/14/202127 June 2021
AerCap Holdings N.V and GE Capital Aviation ServicesMER/03/09/2021SOM/15/2021Decision/23/202103-Sep-2021
Ultra Welfare Ltd and Amoun Pharmaceutical Company S.A.EMER/03/10/2021SOM/14/2021Decision/24/202103-Sep-2021
Agthia Group PJSC & Ismailia Agricultural and Industrial Investment (Furat) S.A.EMER/04/13/2021SOM/13/2021Decision/18/202128 June 2021
Old Mutual Alternative Investments Proprietary Limited and ACTOM Investment Holdings Proprietary LimitedMER/03/07/2021SOM/12/2021Decision/16/202127 June 2021
AIF Thika Power Holding/Thika Power Limited and Thika Power Services LimitedMER/04/11/2021SOM/11/2021Decision/17/202127 June 2021
Metier Africa Mobile Networks Limited Partnership and Africa Mobile NetworksMER/04/12/2021SOM/10/2021Decision/19/202128 June 2021
Bain Capital Investors and Cinven Capital Management (VII) General Partner Limited / Herens Holdco AG, of Lonza’s MER/03/06/2021SOM/9/2021Decision/15/202127 June 2021
Kuramo Africa Opportunity Kenyan Vehicle IV Ltd and Platcorp Holdings LimitedMER/02/04/2021SOM/7/2021Decision/12/202127 June 2021
IVY 2 Investments VCC and PIL Holdings Pte. Ltd.MER/02/05/2021SOM/8/2021Decision/13/202127 June 2021
MTN (Dubai) Limited and aYo Holdings Limited MER/12/28/2020SOM/6/2021Decision/11/202127 June 2021
Proposed Acquisition of the Property and Casualty Business and Medical Insurance of Jubilee Holdings Limited by Allianz Africa Holding GmbHMER/12/33/2020SOM/5/2021Decision/9/202116 April 2021
Allied Universal Topco LLC and G4S PlcMER/01/01/2021SOM/4/2021Decision/6/202116 April 2021
KCB Group Plc and Banque Populaire du Rwanda PlcMER/12/32/2020SOM/2/2021Decision/10/202116 April 2021
Apuleaf II Limited and Louis Dreyfus Company B.V.MER/01/02/2021SOM/3/2021Decision/8/202116 April 2021
Alviva Holdings Limited and Tarsus Technology Group Proprietary LimitedMER/12/30/2020SOM/1/2021Decision/7/202116 April 2021

Merger Notifications Received by the Commission August - Dec 2020

PartiesCase File No.Statement of MergerDecisionDate of Decision
Zanzibar Pharma Limited and Adwia Company S.A.E.MER/08/18/2020SOM/32/2020Decision/5/202126 Feb 2021
Tana Protein Foods Ltd and African Protein Holdings LimitedMER/11/26/2020SOM/31/2020Decision/2/202126 Feb 2021
Fleming Capital Securities, Inc and G4S PlcMER/11/27/2020SOM/33/2020

Notice of Merger Referral Request by Competition Authority of Kenya

Notice of Referral to Kenya
Notice of Abandonment of Merger10 Mar 2021
Alex Medical Investment Limited/ Tana Africa Capital II LimitedMER/04/14/2020SOM/29/2020Decision/1/202126 Feb 2021
Siemens Healthineers AG and Varian Medical Systems, Inc.MER/09/25/2020SOM/28/2020Decision/4/202126 Feb 2021
I&M Holdings Limited / Orient Bank LimitedMER/09/24/2020SOM/30/2020Decision/3/202126 Feb 2021
Grainveta Limited and Al Dahra Group Sole Proprietorship LLCMER/8/21/2020SOM/26/2020Decision/25/202012 Nov 2020
Access Bank (Zambia) Limited and Cavmont Bank LimitedMER/09/22/2020SOM/27/2020Decision/28/202012 Nov 2020
ECP Africa Fund IV LLC, ECP Africa Fund IV A LLC and Remitix Holdings (Mauritius) LimitedMER/09/23/2020SOM/25/2020Decision/24/202012 Nov 2020
BC European Capital X and BC Partners Fund XI of Societa Finanziaria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A.MER/08/20/2020SOM/24/2020Decision/27/202012 Nov 2020
Ford Motor Company / Mahindra and Mahindra LimitedMER/6/16/2020SOM/22/2020Decision/21/20204 Sept 2020
Aon plc and Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company MER/03/10/2020SOM/23/2020Decision/26/202012 Nov 2020

Merger Notifications Received by the Commission Jan - July 2020

PartiesCase File No.Statement of MergerDecisionDate of Decision
Joint Venture Involving Bolloré Africa Logistics, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha, and Toyota Tsusho CorporationMER/7/17/2020SOM/21/2020 (Amended)Decision/23/202012 Nov 2020
IPS Cable Systems Limited & Seacom Holdings Limited (Mauritius)MER/6/15/2020SOM/20/2020Decision/22/2020
CEVA Logistics AG and AMI WorldwideMER/4/11/2020SOM/19/2020Decision/20/20204 Sept 2020
KLL Group Proprietary Limited
and Tongaat Hulett Limited
MER/3/9/2020SOM/16/2020Decision/16/20208 June 2020
Borealis AG and OMV AktiengesellschaftMER/4/12/2020SOM/17/2020Decision/13/20208 June 2020
China National Chemical Corporation Ltd and Sinochem Group Co. Ltd MER/4/13/2020SOM/18/2020Decision/11/20208 June 2020
Vertical Bidco GmBH and thyssenkrupp Elevator AG MER/3/8/2020SOM/15/2020Decision/18/20208 June 2020
Upjohn Inc. and Mylan Inc.MER/2/4/2020SOM/9/2020Decision/17/20208 June 2020
Red Rocket Africa and Tororo
Solar North Limited
MER/3/5/2020SOM/11/2020Decision/15/20208 June 2020
Saham Assurance Company Kenya Limited and MUA Insurance (Kenya) LimitedMER/1/3/2020SOM/12/2020Decision/14/20208 June 2020
Groupe Bernard Hayot and Vindémia Group SASMER/12/45/2019SOM/3/2020Decision/1/20209 March 2020
Rhône Capital LLC and MaxamCorp Holding S.LMER/3/7/2020SOM/13/2020Decision/12/20208 June 2020
Mitsubishi Corporation and BBOXX Limited MER/9/35/2019SOM/10/2020Decision/9/20208 June 2020
Zaad International BV and EASEED Group LimitedMER/08/33/2019SOM/4/2020Decision/6/202010 March 2020
Raphael Bidco Limited and GEMS MENASA Holdings LimitedMER/1/2/2020SOM/6/2020Decision/4/20209 March 2020
Naivas International and Amethis RetailMER/01/01/2020SOM/5/2020Decision/7/202010 March 2020
Samfuel Limited and
KenolKobil Plc
MER/10/38/2019SOM/8/2020Decision/2/20209 March 2020
Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.V. and Mauvilac Industries LimitedMER/12/43/2019SOM/7/2020Decision/19/20208 June 2020
MyBucks Banking Corporation Limited and Nedbank Malawi LimitedMER/12/42/2019 SOM/2/2020Authorisation Letter issued on 31 Jan 202031 Jan 2020
Equity Group Holdings Plc and Banque Commerciale du CongoMER/12/44/2019SOM/1/2020Decision/5/20209 March 2020
Kantar Group by Bain Capital Investors, LLCMER/3/6/2020SOM/14/2020Decision/10/20208 June 2020

Merger Notifications Received by the Commission August - Dec 2019

PartiesCase File No.Statement of MergerDecisionDate of Decision
PepsiCo, Inc. and Pioneer Food Group LimitedMER/10/40/2019SOM/39/2019Decision/8/202010 March 2020
Marinvest S.r.l., Ignazio Messina & C. S.p.A. and RORO Italia S.r.l.MER/11/41/2019SOM/38/2019

Notice of Phase 2 Review
Decision/30/201922 December 2019
Iberafrica Power (E.A.) Limited and Africa Infrastructure Fund I K/S via AIF East Africa Power & Energy LLP MER/10/39/2019SOM/37/2019Decision/3/20209 March 2020
Transnational Bank plc/ Access Bank plcMER/9/34/2019SOM/34/2019Decision/28/201914 November 2019
GAP Chemicals Pty Ltd and Zaad Holdings LtdMER/8/32/2019SOM/31/2019Decision/33/201923 December 2019
Rail Africa Ltd, Africa Rolling Stocks Solutions Ltd and GPR Leasing AfricaMER/9/36/2019SOM/30/2019Decision/32/201923 December 2019
Mobisol Kenya
Limited and Mobisol Rwanda Limited by Engie Afrique S.A.S.
MER/8/28/2019SOM/36/2019Decision/34/201923 December 2019
Outotec Oyj and Minerals Business of Metso Oyj,MER/9/37/2019SOM/35/2019Decision/35/201923 December 2019
Platin2025 GmbH and Robert Bosch Packaging TechnologyMER/8/30/2019SOM/33/2019Decision/37/201923 December 2019
CR Honos Parent Limited and Doctor No Parent LimitedMER/8/31/2019SOM/32/2019Decision/38/201923 December 2019
Actis International Limited/Abraaj International Management LimitedMER/8/29/2019SOM/29/2019Decision/36/201922 December 2019
United Technologies Corporation/ Raytheon CompanyMER/7/25/2019SOM/26/2019Decision/29/201922 December 2019
Vivo Energy Investments/ Kuku Foods East Africa HoldingsMER/7/27/2019SOM/27/2019Decision/27/20199 October 2019

Merger Case Received by the Commission January - July 2019

PartiesCase File No.Statement of MergerDecisionDate of Decision
CFAO / Compagnie Financiere Michelin SCmAMER/6/23/2019SOM/23/2019Decision/25/20198 Oct 2019
The Coca-Cola Company/ Almasi Beverages LimitedMER/7/26/2019SOM/24/2019Phase 1 Issued25 Sept 2019
Eaton Towers/ATC HestonMER/6/24/2019SOM/22/2019Decision/31/2019
RFV- Decision/31/2019
22 Dec 2019
Matador Bidco S.à.r.l/ Compañia
Española de Petróleos, S.A.U
MER/5/16/2019SOM/25/2019Decision/26/20198 Oct 2019
Pledge Holdco Limited/ MaziwaMER/6/20/2019SOM/20/2019Decision/24/20198 Oct 2019
Dairy Distributors S.A.E./ Greenland Group for Food Industries S.A.E.MER/5/19/2019SOM/21/2019

Notice of Extension of Assessment Period
Decision/20208 June 2020
Epsilon/ EsselPropackMER/05/18/2019SOM/17/2019Decision/22/201930 July 2019
Azura Power Limited (Mauritius)/ Thika Holding, Thika Power and Thika Power ServicesMER/5/15/2019SOM/19/2019Decision/21/201930 July 2019
Paxton Investment/ Zambia Property HoldingsMER/04/11/2019SOM/16/2019Decision/19/201930 July 2019
Augusta Acquisition B.V/CareemMER/6/22/2019SOM/18/2019Decision/39/201922 Dec 2019
TPG Global LLC/ Abraaj Healthcare Group Hospitals LimitedMER/4/14/2019SOM/14/2019Decision/16/201930 June 2019
Tech Logistics and Inter Africa HoldingsMER/5/17/2019SOM/13/2019Decision/18/201930 June 2019
Finnish Fund for Industrial Development Cooperation and Green Resources ASMER/4/10/2019SOM/15/2019Decision/20/201931 July 2019
Joint Venture between Bollore Transport & Logistics Kenya/ NYK/ Toyota TsushoMER/2/5/2019SOM/4/2019Decision/13/201919 June 2019
Longview Aircraft/ Bombardier IncMER/2/4/2019SOM/8/2019Decision/12/201919 June 2019
Saudi Arabian Mining/Meridian Consolidated Investments LimitedMER/4/12/2019SOM/11/2019Decision/15/201930 June 2019
Saudi Arabian Oil Company/Saudi Basic Indsutries CorporationMER/4/13/2019SOM/12/2019Decision/17/201930 June 2019
Seedstone/ HytechMER/3/8/2019SOM/10/2019Decision/10/20193 May 2019
Africa Wildlife Holding/ Wilderness HoldingMER/4/9/2019SOM/9/2019Decision/9/20193 May 2019
AIIF3 Clean Energy/ BBOXX CapitalMER/2/6/2019SOM/6/2019Decision/11/20193 May 2019
Airtel Kenya/ Telkom KenyaMER/3/7/2019SOM/7/2019Decision/23/201916 Aug 2019
Banque Centrale Populaire/ Banque Malgache de l'Ocean IndienMER/1/1/2019SOM/5/2019/English
Decision/7/20192 May 2019
Dynasty/ StandardAeroMER/1/2/2019SOM/3/2019Decision/6/20192 May 2019
Ontario Inc. / AGT Foods and Ingredients Inc.MER/1/3/2019SOM/2/2019Decision/14/201919 June 2019

Merger Cases Sept-Dec 2018

PartiesCase File No. Statement of MergerDecisionDate of Decision
Joint Venture between Orange S.A. and MTN Group LimitedMER/09/33/2018SOM/28/2018Decision/14/2/201919 June 2019
TCCC and Swaziland BeveragesMER/09/34/2018SOM/33/2018Decision/5/201910 Feb 2019
LetterOne Holdings/BASF S.E Joint VentureMER/10/38/2018SOM/38/2018Decision/4/20199 Feb 2019
KenolKobil PLC/Delta Uganda and Delta RwandaMER/12/42/2018SOM/37/2018Decision/3/20199 Feb 2019
BSA International and the Infant Nutrition Business of Aspen PharmacareMER/11/39/2018SOM/34/2018Decision/1/20199 Feb 2019
Brenntag (Holding) B.V./ Desbro (Kenya) Limited and Desbro (U) LimitedMER/11/40/2018SOM/36/2018Decision/2/20199 Feb 2019
Rubis Énergie SAS and KenolKobil PlcMER/11/41/2018SOM/35/2018Decision/38/20187 Dec 2018
African Development Partners II/International Facilities Services Mauritius & South AfricaMER/09/37/2018SOM/31/2018Decision/36/20187 Dec 2018
Rhône Capital L.L.C and MaxamCorpMER/09/36/2018SOM/30/2018Decision/33/20185 Dec 2018
Vamara Group and Elite Global HoldingMER/09/32/2018SOM/29/2018Decision/34/20185 Dec 2018
Tsebo Egypt Investments (Mauritius) and Compass Egypt MER/08/30/2018SOM/27/2018Decision/32/20185 Dec 2018
Barrick/ RangoldMER/12/43/2018SOM/1/2019Decision/8/20193 May 2019
TCCC and Fairy Bottling ZambiaMER/09/35/2018SOM/32/2018

Merger Case Received by the Commission June – August 2018

Parties  Case  File Number  Statement of Merger Decision  Date of CID Decision
INCHCAPE/RMA MER/8/29/2018 SOM/26/2018 Decision/37/2018 7 Dec 2018
UPL/Arysta MER/8/31/2018 SOM/25/2018 Decision/35/2018 5 Dec 2018
SBM/Chase Bank MER/7/28/2018 SOM/24/2018 Decision/30/2018 5 Oct 2018
CSSAF LifeCo Holdings/AK
Life SciencesFairfax and CIG
MER/7/27/2018 SOM/23/2018 Decision/31/2018 6 Oct 2018
Fairfax MER/7/25/2018 SOM/22/ 2018 Decision/18/2018 4 Oct 2018
TCCC/Zambian Breweries MER/6/24/2018 SOM/21/ 2018
Weir/ESCO MER/05/21/2018 SOM/20/2018 Decision/16/2018 4 Oct 2018
Merger Cases Received by the Commission April – June 2018
Parties Case Ref Number Statement of Merger Decision Date of CID Decision
Liquid Telecommunications Holdings/ CEC Liquid Telecommunication MER/05/23/2018 SOM/19/2018 Decision/15/2018 4 Oct 2018
 Cepar&Zebidar/BIH  MER/04/17/2018 SOM/18/2018 Decision/17/2018 4 Oct 2018
 Catalyst Mattress/Mammoth Foam  MER/05/22/2018  SOM/17/2018 Decision/25/2018 5 Oct 2018
 Japan Tobacco International/National Tobacco Enterprise  MER/1/4/2018  SOM/16/2018 Decision/20/2018 4 oct 2018
 TUI AG/Hotelbeds Group  MER/4/19/2018  SOM/15/2018 Decision/23/2018 5 oct 2018
 King CAYMAN/Thomson Reuters  MER/4/15/2018  SOM/14/2018 Decision/24/2018 5 oct 2018
 Starfruit Finco B.V./Akzo Nobel SC  MER/4/18/2018  SOM/13/2018 Decision/22/2018 5 oct 2018
 Sanlam Emerging Markets (Ireland) limited/Saham S.A.  MER/4/16/2018  SOM/12/2018 Decision/19/2018 4 oct 2018
GRIT Real Estate Income Group Limited/Beachcomber Hospitality Investment Limited MER/2/12/2018 SOM/11/2018  Decision/21/2018 4 oct 2018

Merger Cases Received by the Commission Jan- Mar 2018

Parties Case Ref Number Statement of Merger Decision Date of Decision
 Raya/Castel Group(B.I.H.)  MER/2/9/2018 SOM/10/ 2018 Decision/28/2018 05/10/2018
Elf Aquitaine SAS/Marathon Oil Libya Limited    MER/02/11/2018  SOM/9/2018 Decision/27/2018 05/10/2018
Copperbelt Energy Corporation/ Zambian Transmission MER/02/10/2018  SOM/8/2018  Decision/11/2018  18/03/2018
 Business Venture/Waco International  MER/01/06/2018   SOM/7/2018  Decision/26/2018 05/10/2018
Vivo Energy/ENGEN MER/01/03/2018 SOM/6/2018 Decision/14/2018 05/07/2018
 Airtel Rwanda Limited/Tigo Rwanda Limited  MER/01/07/2018  SOM/5/2018  Case cleared  17/03/2018
 Total S.A./Engie S.A  MER/02/08/2018  SOM/4/2018 Decision/12/2018  18/03/2018
KKR & Co. L.P.; Unilever N.V. and Unilever PLC MER/01/05/2018 SOM/3/2018  Decision/8/2018  17/03/2018
New Limpopo Bridge Projects Limited and Grindrod Mauritius CCC/MER/01/02/2018 SOM/2/2018  Decision/10/2018  18/03/2018

Merger Cases Received by the Commission October 2017 – December 2017

 Case  File Number  Statement of Merger Download Decision  Date of Decision
 Mitsui & Co. Ltd/ETC Group (Mauritius) Limited  MER/01/01/2018  SOM/01/2018  Decision/9/2018  17/03/2018
 TOTAL S.A/ Eren Renewable Energy  MER/11/29/2017  SOM/30/2017  Decision/2/2018  29/01/2018
 United Technologies Corporation/Rockwell Collins  MER/10/25/2017  SOM/29/2017  Decision/7/2018  17/03/2018
 Distell/KWA Holdings E.A  MER/10/28/2017  SOM/28/2017  Decision/4/2018  30/01/2018
 Remgro/Capevin MER/9/23/2017 SOM/27/2017  Decision/3/2018  29/01/2018
Delta Corporation Limited/National Breweries Plc/Malawi Traditional Beverages Limited  MER/10/27/2017 SOM/26/2017  Decision/29/2018 05/10/2018
 Total S.A/Maersk Olie og Gas A/S  MER/9/24/2017  SOM/25/2017  Decision/01/2018  29/01/2018
 Rubis/Galana/ Progal Petroleum  MER/10/26/2017  SOM/24/2017  Decision/5/2018




Merger Cases Received by the Commission April 2017 – September 2017

 Case File Number  Download Statement of Merger Download Decisions Date of Decision
 MyBucks/New Finance Bank  MER/8/22/6/2017  SOM/23/2017  Decision/18/2017  01/10/2017
Safran /Zodiac Aerospace S.A. MER/7/21/2017 SOM/22/2017  Decision/17/2017  01/10/2017
 Deer & Company/Wirtgen  Holding  MER/6/18/2017  SOM/21/2017  Decision/16/2017  01/10/2017
 Building Supply Group/ Steinhoff Doors and Building Materials  MER/5/15/2017  SOM/20/2017  Decision/6/2018  30/01/2018
Afcarme/ First Merchant Bank Capital Holdings  MER/6/20/2017  SOM/19/2017  Decision/13/2017  30/09/2017
Sanlam Emerging Markets/Lion Assurance Company MER/6/17/2017  SOM/18/2017  Case Cleared
 Isuzu Trucks South Africa/General Motors South Africa MER/6/19/2017  SOM/17/2017  Decision/15/2017  30/09/2017
 Sadolin Group / Kansai Plascon East Africa MER/5/14/2017  SOM/16/2017 Decision/11/2017  18/09/2017
 CDC Group Plc/Trois Moulins  MER/5/13/2017  SOM/15/2017  Case Cleared
HNA Holding Group Company/ CWT Limited  MER/5/12/2017  SOM/14/2017  Decision/9/2017  23/06/2017
 The Coco-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Beverages Africa MER/5/11/2017 SOM/13/2017  Decision/14/2017  30/09/2017
Merger Cases Received by the Commission January 2017 – April 2017
 Case File Number  Download Statement of Merger  Download Decisions  Date of Decision
 Barclays/Attijariwafa MER/3/6/2017 SOM/12/2017  Decision 12/2017  30/09/2017
 Isuzu Motors Limited/General Motors East Africa  MER/3/8/2017   SOM/11/2017  Decision/6/2017  22/06/2017
 Diamond (BC) B.V/ Diversey Care Division and the Food Hygiene and Cleaning Business of Sealed Air Corporation  MER/4/10/2017  SOM/10/2017  Case Cleared
 ETG Input Holdings/ Government Employees Pension Fund of South Africa  MER/4/9/2017  SOM/9/2017

Notice of Phase 2 Review

 Decision/10/2017  19/9/2017
Surgipharm/Imperial  MER/3/7/2017  SOM/8/2017  Case Cleared
 Arise B.V./DFCU Limited/Zanaco  MER/2/3/2017  SOM/7/2017  Decision/7/2017  23/06/2017
 Bayer/Monsanto  MER/2/4/2017  SOM/6/2017  Decision/8/2017  23/06/2017
 Vivo Energy Holding B.V/ Vitol Africa B.V  MER/2/2/2017  SOM/5/2017  Case Cleared
 Wendel SE/Tsebo Holdings Proprietary Limited   MER/11/29/2016  SOM/4/2017
 Decision/3/2017  16/03/2017
Merger Cases Received by the Commission October 2016 – December 2016
 Case File Number  Download Statement of Merger  Download Decisions  Date of Decision
CMC/Connectivity MER/12/33/2016 SOM/2/2017  Decision/2/2017  16/03/2017
B.I.H Brasseries Internationales Holdings Ltd/Carlsberg Malawi Ltd  MER/12/32/2016  SOM/3/2017  Decision/4/2017  11/04/2017
  De Ollies/ Fides   MER/10/25/2016  SOM/1/2017 Decision/1/2017  15/03/2017
 National Bank of Abu Dhabi/First Gulf Bank  MER/09/23/2016   SOM/28/2016  Case Cleared
Merger Cases Received by the Commission April 2016 – September 2016
 Case File Number  Download Statement of Merger  Download Decisions  Date of Decision
Kuramo/Trans-Century MER/10/26/2016  SOM/27/2016  Case Cleared
AMI/Bchange/Manica MER/09/24/2016  SOM/26/2016  Decision/5/2017  22/06/2017
HNA Aviation/Servair MER/09/22/2016r  SOM/25/2016 Decision/21/2016  23/11/2016
Delta International Mauritius Limited/ Lusaka Cosmopolitan MER/06/15/2016  SOM/24/2016 Decision/22/2016  23/11/2016
Hapag-Lloyd AG/United Arab Shipping Company MER/08/20/2016 SOM/23/2016 Decision/20/2016  22/11/2016
Syngenta AG/China National Agrochemical Corporation MER/08/19/2016 SOM/22/2016  Decision/17/2016  30/9/2016
Rosewild Trade and Invest Pty Ltd/Chlor-Alkali Holdings Proprietary Limited MER/06/14/2016  SOM/21/2016  Decision/14/2016  28/9/2016
Zambeef/RFI/Zam Chick/Zamhatch/CDC MER/04/08/2016 SOM/20/2016  Case cleared
CDC Africa Cement Limited/ARM Cement Limited MER/06/12/2016 SOM/19/2016  Decision/13/2016  28/9/2016
Total Outre-mer/ Gulf Africa Petroleum Corporation MER/07/17/2016 SOM/18/2016  Decision/19/2016  22/11/2016
MGH International Holdings (Mauritius)/ St.Vincent Investments Proprietary Limited MER/07/16/2016 SOM/17/2016  Case cleared
Network International LLC/Emerging Markets Payment Holdings MER/06/18/2016 SOM/16/2016  Decision/16/2016  30/9/2016
Silverlands/Crooke Brothers MER/05/10/2016  SOM/15/2016   Case cleared
British American Tobacco Middle East/ Blue Nile Cigarette Company MER/01/01/2016 SOM/14/1/2016 (Phase 1) & SOM/14/2/2016 (Phase 2)  Decision/15/2016  29/9/2016
Reunert/ Metal Fabricators Zambia MER/05/11/2016 SOM/13/1/2016 (Phase 1) & SOM/13/2/2016 (Phase 2)  Decision/18/2016  22/11/2016
Dow Chemical/E.I. du Pont MER/06/13/2016  SOM/12/2016  Decision/12/2016  28/9/2016
CDC/ I&M MER/05/09/2016  SOM/11/2016 Decision/11/2016 24/06/2016
MyBucks/Opportunity MER/01/02/2016 SOM/10/2016 Decision/10/2016 23/06/2016
EQT Services/Kuoni MER/04/07/2016  SOM/9/2016  Decision/9/2016 23/06/2016

Merger Cases Received by the Commission October 2015-March 2016

Case File Number Download Statement of Merger Download Decisions Date of Decision
 Orange/Oasis/Mobile Cash MER/03/06/2016 SOM/8/2016 Decision/8/2016 23/06/2016
Atlas Mara/BPR MER/12/18/2015 SOM/7/2016 Decision/7/2016 23/06/2016
Prudential Africa/Professional life MER/01/04/2016 SOM/6/2016 Case Cleared
Pirelli/China National Tire MER/12/22/2015 SOM/5/2016 Decision/6/2016 7/3/2016
DSV/UTi MER/12/23/2015 SOM/4/2016 Decision/5/2016 7/3/2016
Lake Oil/Petronas Marketing MER/12/19/2015 SOM/3/2016 Decision/4/2016 8/3/2016
  Atlas Mara/Finance Bank MER/12/24/2015 SOM/2/2016 Decision/3/2016 8/3/2016
  Yara/Greenbelt MER/11/17//2015 SOM/1/2016 Decision/2/2016 8/3/2016
 Exor/PartnerRE MER/10/16/2015 SOM/16/2015 Decision/1/2016 7/3/2016

Merger Cases Received by the Commission June-August 2015

  Phase One Cases Case File Number  Download Statement of Merger
Status Date of Clearance
First Assurance MER/08/12/2015 SOM/14/2015  Case cleared  11/09/2015
Equity/Procredit MER/07/10/2015 SOM/12/2015  Case cleared  11/09/2015
Phase Two Cases  Case File Number  Download Statement of Merger Download Decisions  Date of Decision
 OMAIH and AFM/AIIF  MER/11/07/2015  SOM/15/2015  Decision/13/ 2015  19/11/2015
 SANLAM/Masawara MER/07/09/2015  SOM/11/2015  Decision/12/ 2015  19/11/2015
 Traxys/Metmar MER/06/08/2015 SOM/13/2015 Decision/11/2015  27/10/2015

Merger Cases Received by the Commission March/April 2015

Case File Number  Download Statement of Merger
Download Decisions Date of Decision
Ethos/Nampak MER/03/01/2015 SOM/8/2015  Decision/10/2015  29/07/2015
Steinhoff/Pepkor MER/03/02/2015 SOM/7/2015 Decision/9/2015  29/07/2015
Holtzbrinck PG/ Springer Science MER/04/06/2015 SOM/6/2015 Decision/8/2015  29/07/2015
Eaton Towers/ Kenya, Malawi, Uganda Towers MER/04/05/2015 SOM/5/2015 Decision/7/2015 29/07/2015
Coca-Cola BAL/ Coca-Cola SABCO MER/04/07/2015 SOM/4/2015 Decision/6/2015 29/07/2015


 Phase One Cases Case File Number  Download Statement of Merger  Status Date of Clearance
 Gateway /Pan Africa MER/12/44/2014 SOM/3/2015 Case Cleared  5/05/2015
Old Mutual/ UAP MER/03/04/2015 SOM/2/2015 Case Cleared  5/05/2015
Zamanita / Cargill MER/03/03/2015 SOM/1//2015   Case Cleared  5/05/2015

Decision of the 15th Meeting of the Committee of Initial Determination (2015)

Case File Number   Download Decisions Date of Decision
Platform / Arysta Life Science MER/11/41/2014 Decision/5/2015 11/03/2015
Telkom SA SOC/ Business Connexion MER/9/25/2014   Decision/4/2015 11/03/2015

Decisions of the 14th Meeting of the Committee of Initial Determination (2015)

Case File Number   Download Decisions Date of Decision
Chlor-Arkali/ Khumo Bathong MER/9/34/2014 Decision/3/2015 10/03/2015
 ImproChem / Clariant MER/9/32/2014 Decision/2/2015 10/03/2015
Cannon / Metropolitan MER/9/30/2014 Decision/1/2015 10/03/2015

Decisions of the Committee of Initial Determination issued in 2014

Decisions of the Committee of Initial Determination issued in 2013

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