Investigations into Anti-competitive Business Practices and Request for Authorisation Cases of 2019

Parties InvolvedCase File NumberNotice of Commencement of InvestigationDecisionDate of Decision
Allegations of anti-competitive conduct by Shoprite Holdings Limited and GS1 Kenya LimitedCCC/ACBP/10/2/2019CCC/ACBP/NI/1/2019

Investigations into Anti-Competitive Business Practices and Request for Authorisation Cases of 2018

AbIn Bev Distribution AgreementsCCC/RFA/08/03/2018CCC/RFA/NI/8/2018
TCCC Distribution AgreementsCCC/RFA/08/02/2018CCC/RFA/NI/7/2018
Distribution Agreement between AkzoNobel South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Regal Paints Uganda LimitedCCC/RFA/09/07/2017CCC/RFA/NI/5/2018
Investigations into Anti-Competitive Business Practices and Request for Authorisation-2017
Parties Involved Case File Number Notice of Commencement of Investigation Decision  Date of Decision
 Distribution Agreement between the Wirtgen Group and the Motor &Engineering Company of Ethiopia Limited S.C  RFA/8/6/2017 CCC RFA/NI/4/2018 Decision/RBP/5/2018 6/10/2018
 Distribution Agreement between Wirtgen Group and Sodirex SA, Madagascar  RFA/8/6/2017 CCC/RFA/NI/3/ 2018  Decision/RBP/4/2018 6/12/2018
 Distribution Agreement between John Deere Company and AFGRI  RFA/8/6/2017 CCC/RFA/NI/2/ 2018 Decision/RBP/3/2018 6/10/2018
Distribution Agreement between Wirtgen Group and UMCL Ltd of Mauritius RFA/8/6/2017  CCC/RFA/NI/1/2018 Decision/RBP/2/2018 6/12/2018
 Distribution Agreements between The Coca-Cola Company and its Distributors in Ethiopia and Comoros   ACBP/1/1/2018  CCC/ACBP/NI/ 2018 Decision/RBP/1/2018 6/12/2018
Confederation Africaine de Football RFA/1/1/2017  CCC/ACBP/1/ 2017 (English)

CCC/ACBP/1/2017 (Arabic)

CCC/ACBP/1/2017 (francaise)

Investigations into Anti-Competitive Business Practices, Request for Authorisation and Consumer Protection in 2016
Uniliver RFA/06/11/2016 CCC/RFA/NI/1/2016 Decision/RFA/1/2019 10 February 2019
 Fast Jet CP/2/1/2016 Decision/CP/1/2016  24 June 2016
Eveready/Clorox  ACBP/9/5/2016 Decision/ACBP/2/2016  22 November 2016
 Parmalat  ACBP/8/4/2016  Decision/ACBP/1/2016  23 November 2016
 Eveready/Sayeed Engineers RFA/9/38/2016  Decision/RFA/3/2016  22 November 2016
 Eveready/Supreme Imports  RFA/9/37/2016 Decision/RFA/2/2016  22 November 2016
 Eveready/Chloride Agreement  RFA/9/36/2016   Decision/RFA/1/2016  23 November 2016