Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision is to be a center of excellence for competition regulation and consumer protection

Our Mission is to promote competition and protect consumer welfare within the Common Market thereby facilitating regional economic integration.

Our Core Values are:

 Integrity: We shall uphold integrity through operating in a manner that is ethical, honest and incorruptible.

Efficiency: We shall deliver services in a timely and cost effective manner ensuring that every function that is executed contributes to the achievement of competitive markets and ultimately regional integration within the Common Market.

Effectiveness:  Staff and Board Members of the Commission shall exhibit the highest level of ability and willingness to do work. This shall be accompanied by a learning attitude and recognition that we are all stewards of public trust and as such have a higher calling to deliver public service.

Independence and Accountability: The Commission shall assert and maintain its independence whilst at the same time ensuring accountability to its stakeholders in its operation and decision making process.

Transparency: We shall be clear, open and accountable in our procedures and decision making process.

Fairness: We shall be non-discriminatory in following procedures in executing our duties.

Continuous improvement: We shall embrace and sustain a culture of innovation, responsiveness to change and best practices.


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