The COMESA Competition Commission Commitment on Strengthening Cross-Border Consumer Protection Collaboration

5th – 8th May, 2019, the COMESA Competition Commission
(the “Commission”) and other agencies responsible for enforcing consumer
protection and related laws in 20 African countries met in Livingstone, Zambia for
the 10th African Consumer
Protection Dialogue Conference under the theme “Celebrating a Decade Growth for African Cross Border Consumer
Protection Collaboration.”

The Commission, together with the other agencies, recognized the achievements made by the African Dialogue and African
countries including COMESA Member States  towards consumer protection, and pledged to
enhance their future collaboration.

Commission reaffirmed its commitment to the African Dialogue Livingstone
Principles (the “Livingstone Principles”) on Cooperation in Consumer Protection
Enforcement adopted in Zambia in 2013 and pledged to continue the
implementation of the Livingstone Principles.

Commission, inter alia, recognized that cross-border, regional and
international collaboration for a robust, more comprehensive consumer
protection regime remains crucial for consumer protection authorities, regional
bodies and relevant stakeholders.

Commission acknowledged that with increasing integration of markets and technological advances, the
relevant markets for consumer transactions are consistently extending beyond
national boundaries. Further, consideration should be given to the new
restructuring of markets at national, regional, and continental level directly
and indirectly affect the consumer in many ways.

In his
remarks, the Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, therefore,
called upon participating countries and institutions to fully participate in
the African Continental Free Trade Area negotiations which will result in a continental
market that will present enormous challenges to consumer protection. The
Commission further called for the African continent to put in place a robust
legal framework for consumer protection.

George K. Lipimile,

Director and Chief Executive Officer,

COMESA Competition Commission,

P.O. Box 30742,

Lilongwe 3.



Tel: +265 1 772 466


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