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Click here to download the Tender Document CCC/CEI/9/3/2019


The COMESA Competition Commission (the “Commission”) is an international body corporate established under Article 6 of the COMESA Competition Regulations (“the Regulations”). The Regulations are promulgated pursuant to Article 55 of the Treaty establishing the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (“the COMESA Treaty”).

The Commission is responsible for enforcing the Regulations, whose purpose is promoting and encouraging competition by preventing restrictive business practices and other restrictions that deter the efficient operations of markets, thereby enhancing the welfare of consumers in the Common Market. The Commission is composed of two enforcement institutions:


  • The Secretariat which is headed by a Director appointed under Article 9 of the Regulations. The Secretariat is also composed of staff members appointed by the Director with the approval of the Board. The Secretariat is responsible for carrying out investigations and advocacy work of the Commission among other things. The Commission’s Secretariat commenced its operations on the 14th of January 2013 and is located in Lilongwe, Malawi. The Commission’s Secretariat has so far 15 staff members; and
  • The Board of Commissioners which is established and appointed under Articles 12 and 13 of the Regulations respectively, is mandated with issuing determinations, performing adjudicative functions on any matter considered by it, hear appeals and recommending Rules for approval by the COMESA Council of Ministers (the Council) among others. Pursuant to Article 13 (4) of the Regulations, the Chairperson of the Board may assign three of the Commissioners to constitute a Committee responsible for Initial Determinations of matters brought before it.

The Commission currently has 13 non-executive Board members who meet 3-4 times annually. Further, the Board has two standing Committees who meet on a need basis and one adhoc Committee which meets minimum of quarterly basis. The estimate of the annual total number of Committee meetings is more than six (6). The Board meeting is assisted with 7 Management team of the Commission.

The Commission is inviting suitable qualified bidders for the Supply, Installation, Configuration, Commissioning and Implementation of an e-Board Management System for the Board. This system is intended to automate the Board’s business processes on board meetings which are currently handled manually.

The rationale for the Commission to automate its Board meeting process is as follows:

  • Lack of Board and Committee Management System that can be used to effectively manage and administer the Board and Committee meeting business processes;
  • Bulk printing works in preparation of the Board and Committee papers for each member causing unnecessary overhead costs’
  • Lack of a central repository of Board and Committee related documents, control and archiving, making it difficult to access previous Board and Committee resolutions, reports and minutes/agenda; and
  • Lack of audit trail on accessibility and distribution of Board and Committee meeting papers.




The objective of the assignment is to:

2.1. Implement an e-Board Management System that will address the automation of the entire Commission’s Board and Committee operations. This system will be available to both Board of Commissioners and the Management of the Secretariat through a web portal (Internet based access);

2.2. Facilitate the dissemination/distribution of Board and Committee documents in soft copies;

2.3. Improve efficiency and minimize costs by providing flexible, alert notification to Board members and the Management of the Commission whenever the Board and Committee documents have been posted in the system and notify users on pending issues through emails; and

2.4. Ensure that Board members and the Management of the Secretariat are suitably trained in the usage of the e-Board Management System.



The scope of work includes: –

  1. The Supply, Installation, Configuration, Commissioning and Implementation of an e-Board Management System with a web interface;
  2. Setup of necessary ICT security measures for the Board Management System;
  3. Ensure that the platform can provide service in all the Official COMESA languages namely Arabic, English and French;
  4. Supply and installation/setup of the appropriate client software, licenses and kits.
  5. Training of end users that is 13 Board members, 7 Management and selected staff of the Commission;
  6. Provision of warranty after successful commissioning (go-live) of system;
  7. Provision of support after Go Live;
  8. Preparation and timely submission of project reports; and
  9. Proposal must include cloud hosting with data storage and bandwidth for the first year. Depending on storage and bandwidth utilization for the first year the successful firm may negotiate to review the price for the second/third year of the contract period.



The firm is expected to deliver the following:

  1. Inception Report giving a detailed understanding of the assignment;
  2. Project charter;
  3. A detailed work plan with the resource requirements schedule;
  4. Risk management report;
  5. Functional Requirements Design;
  6. Weekly status reports;
  7. Training of administrators and end users for a day which may be online or face to face;
  8. Installed and commissioned e-Board system;
  9. Installed and configured supporting hardware and software systems as applicable;
  10. Final project report;
  11. Warranty of 1 year for software; and
  12. Service level agreement (SLA)



The vendor is expected to produce a complete project checklist, with milestone markers and delivery dates upon starting the project. The vendor should schedule weekly progress meetings for the duration of the project.



6.1.  Following the successful completion of the project, the vendor is required to provide the following support information regarding technical support and other vendor services.

6.2. Materials describing the process for reporting a system failure in any of the components of the proposed system.

6.3. The methods available for contacting technical support (phone, email, website, etc.) including escalation procedures.

  • Standard warranty and maintenance for each of the components proposed.
  • Upgrade path for the software and any annual support fee for the software.




Following completion of the project, the vendor is required to provide the following documentation regarding the scope of the project:

  • Detailed Technical Report-A document developed for the use of technical staff;
  • Executive Summary Report – A document developed to summarize the scope, approach, and results, in a manner suitable for senior management.


The Recommended Minimum Technical Specifications for the system requested are described in detail below:







Software as a Service (SaaS) – vendor must provide storage capacity and must specify connectivity capacity to the hosting servers.

The System should be connected securely via the internet (https)



The system must be scalable based on number of users.


Ease of use


The system and App interface must be simple and easy to use

that even a computer novice can easily navigate



The system must be hosted and allow access over the internet 24hours 7 days a week. The solution provider will be required to sign a contract committing to give 99% availability assurance.


The system should be designed for low bandwidth internet use.

Redundancy & Backup


The system should be hosted in at least 2 separate locations which are being backed up daily. In the event of failure of one of the data centres, all other requests should be automatically directed to the backup data centres.
Evaluations Module


The system should be flexible enough to allow for different types of Board evaluation and allow the user responsible to define their own questions for each evaluation.


This module should allow for facilitating Board evaluation of its own performance, including that of the Chairperson, Board of Commissioners and the Director & CEO of the Commission.

Minutes Modules


Provide an interface for the Board Secretary & Committee Secretaries to capture the Agenda, Reports & Minutes of meetings directly into the system, capture actions to be taken and by whom and by what date


The system should have a feature that organizes reports and file as per the user requirements.
iPad App/Android App Provide an App to be used on android app that can be accessed offline.


Should integrate easily with Microsoft Office products, support multiple browsers as well as Windows/Android/Apple tablets or any other equivalent.
Data Security


The provider to take responsibility of data security which will include storage and transmission over the internet, however the provider will have to convince ICT on measure taken to ensure data security.
Document and Information Management


Secure storage in central repository, accessible over the internet
Role based access to documents
Convert documents produced in different formats to one uniform format for access by all members
Member Management


Access to current roster of Board and committee members, key member data such as contact information, bio – data etc
Automatic tracking and reporting of time and expectations
Provide regular email digests with basic information on meeting schedules, links to meeting materials, and assigned tasks
Meeting Management


Calendar  for meeting plans, and built-in functionality to automatically send meeting reminders and track member attendance
The system will automatically send out reminders to users to complete their respective tasks by the due dates
Built-in voting module to record the voting and poll results which are then viewable to applicable members
Member’s quick access organized Board books, meeting documents, minutes etc. including remote access by members


Users to have the ability to send messages to each other within the system
Allow individual or group discussions within the system


Access by user name and password, data should be transferred through encryption
System users are roles and privileges based
System availability will remain responsibility of the provider as the solution is on the cloud


System should have a search engine that allows for searching of Board and Committee documentations
System should have capability to store corporate plans, financial forecasts and Board/Committee calendars


The bidder should specify the licenses model and upgrade path


Languages System able to allow post documents in three COMESA Official languages namely Arabic, English and French
Additions Notifications (Alerts)

Audit Trails


Note: Documentary evidence towards the above requirement to be submitted by the bidder.



In order to be eligible for participation in this tender process, prospective firm must demonstrate a proven track record of developing work of this nature at national or regional level. Specifically, firm must demonstrate the following:


  1. Have been in operation as a supplier and installer of the proposed e-Board Management System for a minimum period of three (3) years.
  2. Clearly demonstrate thorough knowledge on the business processes i.e. the bidder has developed, implemented and supported an e-Board Management System in any institution with similar business processes.
  3. Provide a written statement on security of the system, declaring any past or existing vulnerability experienced in the system and any known breaches to date.
  4. Have at least Five (5) sites where the proposed Board Management System has been implemented.
  5. Technical specialists with at least three (3) years’ experience installing and configuring Board Management Systems. The specialists should have the relevant certificates that indicate skills and training in installing, configuring and commissioning Board Management Systems of the nature proposed in the contract
  6. Must provide a sample copy of an elaborate SLA that guarantee accessibility, availability and security of the system including penalties on failures on the provider side. Hold at least a master’s degree in the relevant field from a recognized University;
  7. Clearly demonstrate their capacity to meet the specified deadlines.




Shortlisted candidates will be requested to provide a demonstration of their service to the Commission.


The service will be awarded to the successful firm based on the most economically advantageous tender on factors such as quality of the proposed service and the indicative costs.





Responses to this tender should include the following:

  • A proposal for the service;
  • A brief of the necessary professional and technical qualifications and competence and other physical facilities, managerial capability, experience in the service including the, reputation, and the personnel, to perform the contract;
  • Costs (in USD): The service providers should identify their rates which should be valid for the entire length of the assignment. The vendors should specify available options/packages based on data storage and bandwidth.
  • Vendors should also provide that:
  • They have the legal capacity to enter into the contract;
  • They are not insolvent, in receivership, bankrupt or being wound up, their business activities have not been suspended, and they are not the subject of legal proceedings for any of the foregoing;
  • They have fulfilled their obligations to pay taxes and social security contributions, and for that purpose, documentary evidence to be provided by a foreign candidate to demonstrate that it meets the criterion in this paragraph may consist of a written declaration to that effect by the candidate;
  • That their servants, or agents have not offered any inducement to any employees of the Commission.



The service will have three phases:

  • Phase One- The firm shall conduct situational analysis of the Commission;
  • Phase Two- Based on the analysis conducted, the firm shall develop the software and provide a demonstration to the Commission; and
  • Phase Three- The firm shall provide online or face to face training to the end users of the system.


Responses to this request for proposal (in PDF formats only) must be submitted to the Commission by 4th October 2019 through the email  or posted directly to:


The Director and Chief Executive Officer,

COMESA Competition Commission,

5th Floor Kang’ombe House,

P.O Box 30742,

Lilongwe 3,


Tel. +265 1 772 466