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The COMESA Competition Commission (‘the Commission’) today joins the rest of the world in commemorating World Competition Day. The World Competition Day falls on 5th December every year. This year it is being commemorated under the theme ‘Competition Policy and Access to Healthcare’.

This year’s theme is timely as the world has faced one of the most challenging years in history with the fight against the Corona Virus, COVID-19. This fight has been fought by various stakeholders including Competition and Consumer Protection authorities around the world.

COVID-19 has shown that the role of competition policy in the healthcare system cannot be overemphasized as it proved that such policies are essential in times of fighting a pandemic. The role of competition policy is to facilitate a level playing field for all market players and ultimately, that should lead to enhancing the welfare of consumers. It was noted that during the pandemic a number of businesses dealing healthcare products and services engaged in exploitative conduct and misinformation of consumers.

The fact that the pandemic affected every corner of the world, meant that a number of competition and consumer matters were also affecting multiple jurisdictions. As such co-operation became an important aspect of enforcement.

Competition and consumer authorities across the Common Market and the world over applied their laws and policies in dealing with such matters. Many Governments came up with additional laws and policies to protect consumers.

During this period, the Commission also noted that some businesses were making false claims about products being able to prevent and cure COVID-19 without any substantive evidence to back up their claims. In this regard, the Commission issued a press statement warning such businesses as they risked being fined under the COMESA Competition Regulations.

The Commission also noted that there were a number of suppliers in the Common Market who distributed substandard healthcare products such as sanitisers and masks. To that effect, the Commission was able to cooperate with the Member States by alerting them on product recalls involving suppliers that made sales in multiple jurisdictions within the Common Market.

The Commission is committed to promoting and encouraging competition in the Common Market by preventing restrictive business practices that deter the efficient operations of markets, thereby enhancing the welfare of consumers in the Common Market.


As we recognize World Competition Day, lets us support the drive for fair markets that makes it possible for businesses to invest in the future of the Common Market for the overall improvement in consumer welfare.

G.K Lipimile

Director and Chief Executive Officer

COMESA Competition Commission





It is hereby notified that the COMESA Competition Commission (the “Commission”) will be officially closing for the 2020 to 2021 festive holidays as from Monday 21st December 2020 to Sunday 10th January 2021 and will reopen on Monday 11th January 2021.

Kindy take note that during this period, the Office of the Registrar of the Commission will be closed for notification of transactions. With regard to transactions already notified and under consideration, the computation of time during this period will be adjusted in accordance with Rule 3(2) of the COMESA Competition Rules which reads:

 “Where the time prescribed by or allowed under these Rules for doing an act or taking a proceeding expires on a Saturday or Sunday or on a day on which the office of the Registrar is closed, the act may be done or the proceeding may be taken on the first day following that is not a Saturday, Sunday or day on which that office is closed.”


The Commission wishes all its stakeholders a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



The Registrar

COMESA Competition Commission

5th Floor-West Wing, Kang’ombe House

P.O. Box 30742

Lilongwe 3, Malawi

Office Phone: +265 (0) 1 772466

Email: or


“Enhancing intra-COMESA trade through the creation of competitive markets”






The COMESA Competition Commission (“the Commission”) is a regional body corporate established under Article 6 of the COMESA Competition Regulations (“the Regulations”) promulgated under Article 55 of the COMESA Treaty. The Commission has the legal capacity required for the performance of its functions under the Regulations in the territory of each COMESA Member State.


The Commission’s core mandate is to promote and encourage competition by preventing restrictive business practices and other restrictions that deter the efficient operation of markets, thereby enhancing the welfare of the consumers in the Common Market, and to protect consumers against offensive conduct by market actors. The main functions of the Commission are to monitor markets and investigate anti-competitive business practices, control mergers and other forms of acquisitions in the Common Market and mediate disputes between the Member States concerning anti-competitive conduct. The Commission commenced its operations on 14th January, 2013 and is located in Lilongwe, Malawi.


Pursuant to Article 9 of the Regulations, the Commission is headed by a Director appointed by the COMESA Council of Ministers. The recruitment process for the Director is provided for under the COMESA Competition Commission Executive Management Staff Rules which, among other things, obligates the Commission to engage an independent international management professional company to do the shortlisting.


The Commission commenced the process of recruiting the Director to head the Commission by sending adverts to all the COMESA Member States inviting applications for the position from suitable candidates. According to the Roadmap for the recruitment process, the Commission is scheduled to receive applications from the Member States on 16 November 2020.


The Commission now wishes to contract a reputable International Management Consulting firm to do the shortlisting for the Director position, based on the terms of reference given in the advert calling for applications.



 The Consulting Firm shall perform as per the following Specific Terms of Reference:

  • Review all the applications received;
  • Prepare a Summary of Applications in the format to be provided by the Commission;
  • Evaluate each candidate’s application as per the desired profile in the job advert/call for applications highlighting but not limited to the following:
    • Qualifications
    • Relevant experience
    • Stipulated years of experience
    • Understanding of Job description
    • Knowledge of any one or more of the COMESA languages
    • Computer literacy
    • Eligibility to apply for the position
  • Score each candidate and rank all applications as per the Commission’s scoresheet to be provided;
  • Short list a maximum of five (5) candidates for the post;
  • Ensure that only one (1) candidate from any one (1) country is shortlisted for the post.;
  • Prepare a short-listing report and make recommendations with comprehensive justifications and rankings for all candidates (shortlisted or not shortlisted);
  • Submit the final short-listing report within two (2) weeks after signing the contract;
  • Undertake psychometric tests for all the shortlisted candidates;
  • Act as Secretary to the interview panel and prepare the interview report; and
  • Present the interview report and recommendations to the COMESA Council of Ministers.



 By the end of the assignment, the Consultant Firm is expected to have delivered the following:

  • A final Shortlisting Report, containing a shortlist of not more than five (5) highly qualified candidates for the post who will be invited for interviews.
  • A final Interview Report, containing the recommendations of the Interview Panel on suitable candidate/s for the post.



 a)  COMESA Competition Commission

The Commission Secretariat will provide the following documents to the successful Consultant Firm:

  • All the applications received from the Member States.
  • The COMESA Competition Commission Executive Management Staff Rules.
  • The COMESA Competition Commission Staff Rules.
  • The COMESA Secretariat Recruitment Procedure Manual.
  • Call for applications/Adverts for the position.
  • Score sheet template

b) The Consultant

The Consulting firm shall first submit a draft Shortlisting Report to the Board through the Chairman within one week of signing the contract. This report shall contain an analysis of the applications and details as stated in Section 2 above, which should also include remarks as to why each applicant is short listed or not short listed for the post.  The Board Chairman shall revert to the Consultant with comments within one week of receiving the draft Shortlisting Report.



 This consultancy is open to reputable International Management Consultancy firms which have sufficient experience in recruitment and selection to undertake this assignment.  Proof of having undertaken similar assignments is critical.



The assignment is expected to commence by 30th November 2020.  Details of completion of work and work schedule including reporting will be discussed further and agreed upon after signing of the contract.



a) Bidders must provide both Technical and Financial proposals. The evaluation shall be based on the following attributes:

  • The overall responsiveness and quality of the proposal in clearly stating an understanding of the work to be performed;
  • Technical ability of the proposer to perform the required services;
  • The experience and reputation of the proposer as represented in the response and the quality of the references;
  • Cost of services. Fees and expenses will be a particularly important factor when all other evaluation criteria are relatively equal.

b) The Technical proposal will be assigned a weight of 80% and the financial proposal will be weighted at 20%.



Evaluation attribute

   Percentage Points
1 Firms Understanding of Client’s requirements                                                        15
2 Approach and methodology                                                        30
3 Specific Experience of the firm in carrying out similar assignments. Evidence in form of reference letters, offer letters, orders or copies of contracts should be presented  30
4 Qualifications and Experience of proposed team

Team Leader                                15marks

Support Experts (2)                        10marks

  Total 100


c)  The proposed team should consist of minimum three experts, that is: The Team leader, Human Resources Expert and a Support Expert. The Team Leader should be at the level of a partner in the Consulting Firm with a minimum of 10 years’ experience. The Human Resources Expert should have at least a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, Organizational Development, Industrial Psychology or a related social science field with a minimum of seven years working experience.


d) The Support Expert should have at least a bachelor’s degree in either Human Resources Management, Commerce, Business Administration or a related social science field. A Master’s degree or a relevant professional certification will be an added advantage.


f) The proposals must be submitted with a cover letter containing a confirmation and a description of how you have understood the Terms of Reference for the assignment.


f) In the applications, vendors should also provide that:

  • They have the legal capacity to enter into the contract;
  • They are not insolvent, in receivership, bankrupt or being wound up, their business activities have not been suspended, and they are not the subject of legal proceedings for any of the foregoing;
  • They have fulfilled their obligations to pay taxes and social security contributions, and for that purpose, documentary evidence to be provided by a foreign candidate to demonstrate that it meets the criterion in this paragraph may consist of a written declaration to that effect by the candidate;
  • That their servants, or agents have not offered any inducement to any employees of the Commission.



a)  The bidder shall submit the proposal in one external envelope containing inside four sealed envelopes by the closing date set forth in point no. 9 below through courier services or hand delivery to:






P.O BOX 30742


Tel: +265 (0)1 772 466



b)  The outer envelope should be clearly marked in the top right-hand corner “CCC/RFP/4/9/2020 – CONSULTANCY SERVICE FOR SHORT LISTING AND INTERVIEWS OF DIRECTOR POSITION” DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 30th October.. 2020 at 15.00 HRS Lilongwe time.


NOTE: If the envelopes are not sealed and marked as per the instructions in this clause, the Commission will not assume responsibility for the proposal’s misplacement or premature opening and may – at its discretion – reject the proposal.


c) This first internal sealed envelope, which will be clearly marked “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” must contain four (4) hard copies of the technical proposal with one marked ‘original’ and the others marked ‘copy’. The second internal envelope, which will be clearly marked “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL”, should contain the original and copy of the financial proposal. The envelope containing the financial proposal will ONLY be opened if the technical offer attains the pass score of seventy per cent (70%).


d) In the event of any discrepancy between the original and the copy, the original shall govern.



Tenders must be submitted to the COMESA Competition Commission on or before 30th October 2020 at 15:00 hours LILONGWE TIME.



The Commission reserves the right to wholly or partially reject or award these contracts to any bidder and has no obligation to award this tender to the lowest bidder



a) All prices MUST be indicated in USD.

b) There will be no price variation after signing of contract except upon a mutual written agreement between the two parties;

c) The price quoted shall be considered to be for all the services required by the Commission as contained in this Request for Proposal.

d) Prices must be exclusive of all taxes within Malawi.

e) Prices must be valid for 90 days from the date of close of tender.



Bidders are advised to indicate their payment terms and conditions.



Technical queries related to this tender should be submitted in writing to with a copy to



a) Bidders are advised to use the standard tender Form below as sample format and modify it to cover all relevant costs or charges.

b) There will be no price variation tender.

c) Bidders are also advised to disclose any other relevant information on a separate sheet of paper.


Click here to download the Request for Proposal.



The COMESA Competition Commission (the Commission) is an institution established under Article 6 of the COMESA Competition Regulations (the Regulations). The Commission has the legal capacity required for the performance of its functions under the Regulations in the territory of each COMESA Member State.


The Commission’s core mandate is to promote and encourage competition by preventing restrictive business practices and other restrictions that deter the efficient operation of markets, thereby enhancing the welfare of the consumers in the Common Market, and to protect consumers against offensive conduct by market actors.


Pursuant to Article 9 of the Regulations, the Commission would like to recruit the Director to head the Commission. Therefore, applications are invited for the position from suitable candidates from the COMESA Member States.




Job Title:                               Director; COMESA Competition Commission

Reporting to:                         Board of Commissioners

Grade:                                    Professional, Level 5 (P5)

Salary Scale:                         COM$70,654 – COM$83,375 per annum plus allowances.

Duty Station:                         Lilongwe, Malawi



The Director shall be responsible for administering the Commission’s affairs, funds and property and for performing any other functions that may be conferred or imposed upon him/her by or under the Regulations or that the Commission may delegate or assign to him/her. The Director shall perform his duties in accordance with the Commission’s Code of Conduct, and upholding the Commission’s Values, to achieve results in line with its corporate mission and goals.



The Director shall perform his/her duties in accordance with the COMESA Competition Commission’s Code of Conduct, and upholding the COMESA Competition Commission Values, to achieve results in line with the corporate mission and goals of the COMESA Competition Commission.  The Director shall apply the provisions of these Regulations with regard to trade between Member States and be responsible for promoting competition within the Common Market. In order to accomplish this, the Director shall:

  • Monitor and investigate anti-competitive practices of undertakings within the Common Market, and mediate disputes between Member States concerning anti-competitive conduct;
  • Regularly review regional competition policy so as to advise and make representations to the COMESA Council of Ministers with a view to improving on the effectiveness of the Regulations;
  • Help Member States promote national competition laws and institutions, with the objective of the harmonization of those national laws with the regional Regulations to achieve uniformity of interpretation and application of competition law and policy within the Common Market;
  • Co-operate with competition authorities in Member States;
  • Co-operate and assist Member States in the implementation of its decisions;
  • Provide support to Member States in promoting and protecting consumer welfare;
  • Facilitate the exchange of relevant information and expertise;
  • Enter into such arrangements as will enhance its ability to monitor and investigate the impact of conduct outside the Common Market but which nevertheless has, or may have, an impact on trade between Member States;
  • Be responsible for developing and disseminating information about competition policy and consumer protection policy;
  • Co-operate with other agencies that may be established or recognized by COMESA to monitor and regulate any specific sector; and
  • Legally represent the Commission vis – a – vis third parties and the courts.



The right candidate should:

  • be a national of a COMESA Member State;
  • have an advanced degree (at least a Masters) in Law, Commerce, Economics, Business Administration or related field. A PhD in the relevant field will be an added advantage;
  • be older than 35 years by the closing date of the advert.



  •  have a minimum of 15 years practical experience in competition law and policy, consumer protection, trade or other related fields;
  • enforcement of competition or consumer law at national or regional level is an added advantage.



 The suitable candidate to be Director of the Commission should have the following attributes:

  • must display and prove creativity in institutional strategic visioning; an appreciation of the vision, mission and objectives of the Commission and the role the Commission plays in realizing the single market integration agenda;
  • must possess demonstrated qualities of success in leadership and management and must be able to manage and embrace change, proactively manages risks and lead operational improvements;
  • must have proven abilities to mobilise and manage resources to achieve stated goals;
  • must possess demonstrated experience in advocacy;
  • must possess excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with persons from diverse disciplines, perspectives and cultures;
  • must have excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • must be a team player who can inspire, direct and motivate staff;
  • must have proficiency in English and/or French and/or Arabic.
  • must have good computer skills; and
  • candidates will be required to provide security clearance before appointment.



Candidates must be proficient in the English and/or French and/or Arabic. A combination of any two or all of these languages will be an added advantage.



 Applicants should note that the Regulations specify that the Director shall:

  • be a citizen of a Member State;
  • hold office for a term of five years and shall be eligible for re-appointment only for one further term of five years;
  • Commissioners of the COMESA Competition Commission shall not be eligible for appointment as Director of the Commission;
  • not have a criminal record.



Applications MUST be submitted through the COMESA Coordinating Ministries of the respective Member States on the prescribed COMESA Application Form which can be accessed and downloaded from the COMESA website:, Opportunities, COMESA Job Application Format.


Applications submitted directly to the COMESA Secretariat or the COMESA Competition Commission will not be considered, and ONLY short-listed candidates will be contacted.


Applications must be addressed and submitted to COMESA Coordinating Ministries of the respective Member States for shortlisting.



The applications MUST reach the COMESA Coordinating Ministries of the respective Member States by Thursday, 5th November 2020. Accordingly, short-listing reports from the Coordinating Ministries attaching all the relevant documents of the successful candidate should reach the address below by Thursday, 19th November 2020.


The Chairman

COMESA Competition Commission

P.O Box 30742





More information can be found below:

English Call for Application  / COMESA-Job-Application-Form ENG

Arabic Call for Application / COMESA-Job-Application-Form-ARA

French Call for Application / COMESA Job Application Form in French


NOTE: Applications MUST be submitted through the Coordinating Ministries of the respective Member States. Click here to access the contact details of the Coordinating Ministries.

Click here to download the Arabic version of the application form.

Click here to download the English version of the application form.

Click here to download the French version of the application form.




The COMESA Competition Commission (‘the Commission’) wishes to advise consumers to be on the lookout for pyramid schemes. A pyramid scheme is where a business and its partners encourage people to join at a fee. The people that join are also required to recruit others at a fee to make money. Members of a pyramid scheme make money through the recruitment of others.

The Commission’s attention has been drawn to the activities of Crowd1, which markets itself as a digital multi-level marketing company and whose operations are being investigated in some jurisdictions.  Specifically, the Commission has noted that authorities in the Philippines and Namibia found that Crowd1 members make money by recruiting others and has since been banned in Namibia. In Philippines, authorities issued a cease and desist order to Crowd1 for operating without a license. Further, authorities in Mauritius and New Zealand have issued investor alerts, advising the public to exercise caution in their dealings with Crowd1. Consumers should also be aware that concerns have been raised on the operations of Crowd1 in South Africa where the relevant authorities are still assessing the complaints raised.

The Commission has observed that some pyramid schemes pose as multi-level marketers that pretend to be selling products. However, at close glance there are no sustainable earnings from the sale of the products and members are often advised to recruit others to make money. Pyramid schemes are not sustainable as those at the top of the pyramid benefit at the expense of new recruits.

Consumers are therefore advised to exercise caution when dealing with Crowd 1 and also conduct research about companies they wish to invest in to avoid losing their hard earned money.


Click here to download the Consumer Alert on Pyramid Schemes.

Video of the Webinar on ‘Merger Regulation in COMESA Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Way Forward’

View/Download Video

On 30th July 2020, the Commision organised a webinar to discuss the challenges posed by COVID 19 on merger control and the way forward. The webinar aimed at providing an update on the experiences of the Commission and selected national competition authorities in the Common Market, as well as legal practitioners in handling merger notifications during the COVID-19 pandemic and a discussion ensued on whether the tools available to the authorities were sufficiently flexible to deal with such exceptional market circumstances, and what changes could be made.

Investigation into the Agreements concluded by the Confederation of African Football and Lagardere Sports SAS

The COMESA Competition Commission (the “Commission”) wishes to inform its stakeholders and the general public that an article published on the e-COMESA Newsletter on 10th May 2020, has erroneously stated that the Commission has banned the agreement between Confederation Africaine de Football (“CAF”) and Lagardere Sports S.A.S (“Lagardere Sports”).

The Commission wishes to clarify that the investigation relating to the agreements concluded between CAF and Lagardere Sports for the commercialization of media and marketing rights of football events is still ongoing. There has been no decision up to date made by either the Committee responsible for Initial Determination or the Board of the Commission.


Click here to download the Press Release.


On 4th May 2020, the COMESA Competition Commission donated to the Government of the Republic of Malawi in support of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Malawi, the donation was received by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Honourable Mr. Salim Ibrahim Bagus.


Right: Minister of Trade and Industry of Malawi, Honourable Mr. Salim Ibrahim Bagus; Left: Director and Chief Executive Officer of COMESA Competition Commission, Mr George Lipimile




1. Manager – Consumer Welfare and  Advocacy


P4 1
2. Senior Human Resource and Administration Officer


P3 1
3. Accountant


P3 1
4. Internal Auditor


P3 1
5. Merger Analysts


P2 2
6. Competition Analysts


P2 2
7. Legal Officers


P2 2
8. Consumer Welfare and Advocacy Officers


P2 2
9. IT and Documentation Officer


P2 1


We would like to notify all applicants to our call for the above applications for the nine (9) professional posts at the COMESA Competition Commission (the Commission), advertised in January 2020, that the recruitment process has been temporarily suspended due to the logistical constraints associated with the COVID – 19 pandemic.  The process will resume once the situation has normalized.

We apologise for the inconvenience this postponement may cause.

We would like to thank all applicants that have submitted their applications and shown interest in joining the Commission.


The Director and Chief Executive Officer

COMESA Competition Commission





Click here to download the Notice of Suspension of the Recruitment.

COMESA Competition Commission Concludes Assessment of Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV Distribution Agreements and Assessment of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa’s Distribution Agreements

The COMESA Competition Commission (the “Commission”) wishes to inform interested stakeholders and the general public that on 3rd April 2020, it concluded the assessment of two distribution agreements of two undertakings namely:

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (“AB InBev”) and third-party distributors in the Common Market; and
  • Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA), an entity controlled by The Coca-Cola Company (“TCCC”), and third-party distributors in Comoros, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.


Click here for the decision of the Assessment of Ab InBev Distribution Agreements

Click here for the decision of the Assessment of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Distribution Agreements