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Opening speech – By the Director of the COMESA Competition Commission at the Training Workshop of the Merger Assessment Guidelines held at BOMA Inn Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya on 3rd November 2014

Distinguished staff members representing national competition authorities here present, the co-sponsors of this very important function – the World bank, distinguished participants; ladies and gentlemen. I wish to welcome you to this important event at which the COMESA Competition Commission is presenting for the first time the Merger Assessment Guidelines as approved by its Board […]

Comesa approves US$1bn mergers

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) approved more than US$1bn in mergers in nine member states last year. All COMESA member states were involved in a takeover of South-African based pharmaceutical company Cipla Medpro. (Image source: *Kicki*) According to COMESA Competition Commission (CCC) chief executive officer, George Lipimile, the regional economic community […]

Merger & Acquisistions 2

What is Merger? Most mergers pose little or no serious threat to competition, and may actually be pro-competitive. Such benevolent mergers have a number of economic advantages such as resultant economies of scale, reduction in the cost of production and sale, and gains of horizontal integration. There could also be more convenient and reliable supply […]

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