About COMESA Competition Commission

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) launched a Free Trade Area (FTA) on 31st October 2000 and plans to become a Customs Union in the future.  The absence of tariff and non-tariff barriers under the FTA has enhanced competition in the COMESA region.  In order to ensure fair competition and transparency among economic operators in the region, COMESA has adopted a regional competition policy – namely the COMESA Competition Regulations.  

By promoting fair competition, the regional competition policy will help to  boost regional trade and investment and maximise consumer welfare in the COMESA region.  

The Regulations establish the COMESA Competition Commission as a body corporate responsible for promoting fair competition and penalising uncompetitive practices in the region.  Specifically, the statutory functions of the Commission include:

  • To monitor and investigate anti-competitive practices of undertakings within the Common Market, and mediate disputes between Member States concerning anti-competitive conduct.
  • To regularly review regional competition policy so as to advise and make representations to the Council with a view to improving on the effectiveness of the Regulations.
  • To help Member States promote national competition laws and institutions, with the objective of the harmonisation of those national laws with the regional Regulations to achieve uniformity of interpretation and application of competition law and policy within the Common Market.
  • To co-operate with competition authorities in Member States.
  • To provide support to Member States in promoting and protecting consumer welfare.
  • To be responsible for developing and disseminating information about competition policy and consumer protection policy.
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